Public Meeting November 7th, 2018 to Discuss Option to Intervene in the Seneca Wind Project

A public meeting has been set for November 7th, 2018 at 5:30 PM in the Scipio Township Maintenance Building located on State Route 19 in Republic, OH across from the Republic United Church of Christ. The purpose of this meeting is to give the Seneca County Commissioners, Venice, Eden, Reed, Bloom, and Scipio Townships the opportunity to discuss the option to intervene on the Seneca Wind Project. Formally intervening in the Ohio Power Siting Board process would allow the county and the townships to be involved in the adjudicatory hearing about the project held in Columbus, OH. This meeting is a chance to find a compromise on a contentious issue.

The public will be given one hour of public comment from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM allowing those who live in the footprint of the project to voice a comment. Due to time constraints, the public has been asked to limit their comment to three minutes. A person may register for the public comment portion of the meeting here  Seneca Regional Planning Commission will moderate the meeting. The meeting of the Commissioners and Township Trustees will begin at 6:30 PM.

At this time we would like to share The Ohio Open Meetings Act’s information regarding public comment and meetings. The Ohio Open Meetings Act gives “any person” the right to attend the meetings of public bodies, with exceptions for closed sessions. Ohio law does not limit access to meetings to a specific category of people or a profession, such as “the traditional press.” Anyone may attend. The right to attend does not include a right to participate or comment. Moreover, if you act in a disruptive fashion, a public body may have you removed from a meeting. Sometimes, a public body will voluntarily provide time for public comment.

Due to the fact that this is a special meeting called to discuss the option of intervening on the Seneca Wind Project we are not allowed to discuss any other topic during this meeting. To respect the time of the individuals participating in the meeting after the public comment we have the following rules regarding public comment:

  • Those who registered to comment will be given the first opportunity to comment
  • They will be called on in the order in which they registered
  • Those who live in the footprint of the Seneca Wind Project (IE: Venice, Eden, Reed, Bloom or Scipio Township) will be given priority to speak first.
  • Those who registered and are not in the foot print will then be given the option to comment
  • Those who did not register and live in the footprint of the Seneca Wind Project will then be given the option to comment
  • If time permits we will then give those who did not register and do not live in the footprint the opportunity to comment

Village of New Riegel receives new sidewalks through CDBG Grant

NewRiegelSidewalk3Here is a look at some replaced sidewalks in New Riegel! According to Seneca Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Charlene Watkins, about 2,171 feet of sidewalk was replaced on Tiffin, Findlay and Perry streets. The project also included about 326 feet of curb replacement. The Community Development Block Grant funded about $82,100 of the approximately $99,346 project. Grant funding was obtained during the 2017 cycle. The village also decided to fund additional sidewalk replacement work on Perry and Tiffin streets at its own expense. Those pieces of the project cost about $8,800.

“By utilizing the Community Development Block Grant, the Village of New Riegel is able to provide a safer, more walkable downtown for their residents,” she said. “SRPC was glad to assist the village and the county with this project.”

Tiffin Glass Museum Seeking Input on Historical Locations

The Tiffin Glass Museum is seeking your help in locating historic locations in Seneca County, Ohio. It is part of a project they have been asked to do to help preserve some of the history of Seneca County.
It will be of no cost to you as funding has been provided by a settlement with Rover Pipeline through the Seneca County Commissioners.
Mr. Paul Coffman is asking that you write down the locations of former communities, corner stones still existing, structures, and anything else that can be regarded as part of our county’s history. That information will be assembled and located on maps with GPS coordinates so that auto and bicycle tours can be laid out.
Historic collections, if for public display, buildings such as early churches, cemeteries, and other materials should be considered. Not everything will probably be used on the maps; what isn’t used will be kept on file for future reference. Mr. Coffman has been in contact with carious historical societies and museums in the county working on another segment of this project. At some time in the future a select committee will be formed to make final selections. Twenty 10-12 minute videos will be made with intent they be used on social media, school classrooms and organizations. They are intended to introduce people to Seneca County and its rich history. The tour maps will then be used for visitors to come see what is in Seneca County.
Please contact Mr. Paul Coffman at 419-447-1172 or 419-937-7678 or via email at with any information you may have to aid in this project.